Terri Welborn, GRI, CRS
Terri Welborn, GRI, CRS
Ashley Erb
Ashley Erb

Before we hit the pavement looking for your dream home, make sure you visit a trusted lender so you can get pre-approved. Most lenders will need the following documents:

  • W-2 Tax returns (or business tax returns if you're self-employed) for the last two years for every person signing the loan.
  • At least one pay stub for the most month showing year-to-date earnings for each person signing the loan.
  • Account numbers of all your credit cards and the amounts for any outstanding balances.
  • Two to four months of bank statements for all accounts (both checking and savings).
  • Lender, loan number, and amount owed on installment loans (ie car or student loans).
  • Addresses where you've lived for the last five to seven years.
  • Brokerage account statements for two to four months, as well as a list of any other major assets of value, such as a boat, RV, or stocks or bonds not held in a brokerage account.
  • Your most recent 401(k) or other retirement account statement.
  • Documentation to verify additional income, such as child support (including case number) or a pension.
  • If you have declared bankruptcy, provide a copy of the discharge and the schedule of both debts and assets.
  • VA Loans, original Certificate of Eligibility or discharge paper.
  • If applying for a First Time Home Buyers or MT Board of Housing Loan, provide copies of the last 3 years of federal tax returns and W-2's for every person that will be living at the property.

Call Terri Welborn at 406-860-0055 for a select list of trusted lenders.

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